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Since 2005, MACRO GRACE kitchens have stood for the highest quality, sensible innovations and award-winning design. Fundamental values of a brand that quickly gained national reputation. Today MACRO GRACE is one of the India’s leading kitchen manufacturers. However, due to the sheer variety on the kitchen market what is on offer has become very unclear and complicated. This is where the MACRO GRACE brand rises above the others – it has always offered clear orientation. That’s because thanks to the company”s many years of tradition and the skill and expertise it has acquired over the course of its years, we know how to combine new technologies and contemporary trends uniquely and successfully. This means that MACRO GRACE stands for the highest standards of quality that point the way on the complex kitchen market for consumers and dealers.


So whatever you are planning for your home, there is one decision that has already been made. With an exclusive MACRO GRACE kitchen, you can be sure of having made the right choice – even before the first brick is in place. This feeling is also reflected in the brand’s new claim. It is the answer to the question of the right kitchen, ends the search for the desired quality, and formulates a thought that is only too familiar to any proud owner of an MACRO GRACE:

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